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Friday, July 25, 2014

Planet of Zeus - "Vigilante"

Planet of Zeus,  those preeminent purveyors of that particular Greek brand of stanky skanky stoner rock, are back with Vigilante, their latest and most pathologically potent platter of primordial pandemonium.

On opening salvo "The Great Dandolos", the band explodes in propulsive fashion, sounding like the Hellenic answer to Clutch as Babis vacillates between swaggering vocals in the verses and shouty screams on the choruses, all over a piledriving riff and throbbing backbeat. The Clutch influence is particularly evident on funky strutter "A Girl Named Greed" with its slithering serpentine riff and Fallonesque vocals. Elsewhere, the warfare on your woofers continues on the syncopated bakefest "Second Coming", highly infectious "Burn This City Down" (appropriately named considering the incendiary solo contained within) and the relentlessly kickass larynx shredder that is "Tornado".

With its soulful vocals and fabulously filthy guitar tone, "No Tomorrow" is the deceptively cool track on the album, highlighted by a magnificent mesmerizing guitar solo. It's a perfect segue into the title track. Brewed with bluesed, boozed, and bruised attitude, "Vigilante" sounds like the bastard stoner grandchild of Black Oak Arkansas. It all culminates in "The Beast Within", an epic track that truly has it all:  a main riff that is colossal, circumlocutional, and abjectly brutal; a melodic Mediterranean midsection; and lead vocals so deranged they sound like Phil Anselmo overdosing on bath salts.


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