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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Album Review: Pesta - Bring Out Your Dead

Black Sabbath is an absolute standard bearer for much of what we love in heavy metal, whether it be stoner, doom, sludge, or other darker dives into low tuned musical underworlds. Fans of Black Sabbath, therefore, might find the latest release by Belo Horizante, Brazil's Pesta an absolute rush of addictive melody, riff, and distortion. Pesta do not rip off Sabbath, but instead channel much of those dark metal arts laid down long ago through their own abilities and tendencies, which are superb in delivering well developed, expertly executed tracks of a near genius blend of doom and stoner rock.

The members of Pesta are:

Anderson Vaca - bass
Thiago Cruz - vocals
Daniel Roca - guitar
Marcos Resende - guitar
Flavio Freitas - drums

The album opens with a kick to the head on "Black Death", announcing early that darkness and heft are the linchpins of their sound. Guitars and bass boom ponderously, unflinchingly through clutching muck and dark mire, leading up to more energetic riffs of pure bliss that are overwoven soon enough by Cruz' penetrating, robust vocals. "Words of a Madman" combine slogging doom hammer blows with a sing-song melody that is as ferocious as it is joyous. Next up, an ode to their totem inspirations via a beautifully rendered bass solo from Vaca with "The Butler Did It", which leads quickly into what is now the established deep richness of Pesta's renderings on this 8 track release with "Intimate". Tempo and spice are kicked up a notch on the freewheeling "March of Death", perhaps the album's best track. "The End is Near" is a beautifully rendered instrumental segue, while a return to form in "The 4th Horseman" and the longer, seven-minute trek of "Possession" round out this sophomore effort from these South America virtuosi with the surprising gifts of offering up a fresh take on the time-honored, and often sought sound of one of Metal's alltime greats.

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