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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

LP Review: Overstaying My Welcome by Void Cruiser

YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!...oh sorry, getting a bit carried away with ourselves there. Let’s start from the beginning; Overstaying My Welcome is outstanding! Hold on, we’ll go a little further back than that still...

Void Cruiser come from Helsinki, Finland, they formed in 2011, released an EP, Motherload, in 2013, and now have released their debut full length,, Overstaying My Welcome: eight tracks of heavy riffs, fuzzy, loud walls of guitars, stoner guttural vocals, all combined to make a glorious noise that we at Heavy Planet just purr over.

So many superlatives can be thrown at this band that it would become a ridiculous review , not really making any sense. Take the title track, five-and-a-half minutes of swift kicks to the face of fuzzy stoner guitar licks, stadium igniting solos, as well as the gentlest weeping of the same six stringer. The vocals of Santeri Salo chanting “I’m not supposed to be around” are the perfect accompanying tone to intertwine the heavy instrumentation (Vili Salo – guitar, backing vocals, Lassi Tähtinen – bass, backing vocals, Teemu Rantanen – Drums) together, as the song builds and builds to its aggressive crescendo; and so every other track pretty much follows in epic proportions.

‘Heist’ is every part heavy stoner, groovy blues, balls-to-the-wall metal you could possibly want in a song,  ‘Splinters’ is an energetic youth spirited pure rock episode of attitude and gnarly riffs, while both ‘Borrow From Tomorrow’ and ‘Golden Teeth Smile’ initially offer glimpses into a softer side to the band, they just serve to lull you into a false sense of security before continuing their plan of ripping you a new one.

Void Cruiser have similarities to Generous Maria, or at least the band that they should have become. This band are planting the flag high for all of Scandinavian stoner rock for all the world to take note and up their game and reach their level. Like we said at the start, Overstaying My Welcome just makes you yell out “YES! YES! YES!” forevermore!


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