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Friday, May 23, 2014

LP Review 'Star Collider' by Acid Elephant

If you had late 70’s electro poppers Roxy Music’s frontman Bryan Ferry fronting a light psychedelic doom band, you would get something very similar to Star Collider, but thankfully the floppy haired lothario stuck to his pop dross and we have the real deal, with Finland’s Acid Elephant and all their heavy glory, and their third album! While the vocals are a little unconventional at times for regular listeners of the genre, that only strides to exemplify the talents of the instrumentation on offer here as you try to listen through a thick heavy smoke and 60’s guitar meanderings trail-blazing to an astral plain of laid back grooves.

It’s halfway through ‘Red Carpet Lane’ that you find yourself on Mars being given a shoulder rub by a talking Sloth who’s dictating the history of the earth to your third ear while atop a floating carpet, just before the hammering blow of the guitar’s riff brings you back to reality. The band’s combination of heavy fuzzy riffs and delicate meanderings into soft psychedelic territory are what surprises and keeps you enthralled in their mellowed out musings.

When the heaviness of ‘Red Carpet Lane’ surpasses, ‘7th Stone’ hits you with 13 minutes of drone, enough time for you to simply lose your mind and give your body over to Acid Elephant. It’s experimentation that keeps you at arms reach while never letting go, as ‘Godmason’ again allows a sense of alienation before the drums and heavy-ass bass line kick in warning you of danger ahead as the acid-heavy guitar tripping comes into full swing. You’ll be doing well to hold onto your marbles after the 15 minute mark lands, setting you up for the epic finale of ‘Bog’ where a touch of vocals are reintroduced to offer a respite for the thick masking of drone waves smothering your speakers.

Thick heavy colourful smokey smothering drone; thy champion is Acid Elephant!


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