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Thursday, June 6, 2013

EP Review - Stay Here-Non Mechanical Hammer Hits My Skull

Stay Here, a band from Ottawa, Ontario, release their debut LP as a 7" with 2 tracks loaded with big riffs and haunting atmospherics, their sound is heavily influenced by bands such as Neurosis, Old man Gloom, Buried Inside and Godflesh.

The first track "Non-Mechanical" opens with slow moving tribal thuds and distant airy high-end drones that lead to plunging swathes of dark Sludge building to shouted post-Hardcore vocals. The track evolves into a searing emotion filled titan of sound that kept my attention throughout. As an introduction to the band and what they have to offer, the track worked well in making me want to hear more...

..and so follows "A Hammer Hits My Skull" as a weighty powerhouse of fierce Neurosis, AmenRa and Old Man Gloom style Sludge/post-Metal concentration assaults the ears and senses in huge swathes of powerful black noise. A relentless pounding riff builds throughout with the tension increasing more and more with soul stirring licks and passionately angry vocals creating a solid track of vivid intensity. Stay Here, I hope, are here to stay as I think these post-Metal Sludgsters are just as sonically mesmerising as AmenRa, Neurosis or Old Man Gloom and any fan of those bands is sure to love Stay Here as much as I now do.

The LP appears on 7" vinyl and digital download at their bandcamp.


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