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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mini-Review: Liquid Me-"Self-Titled" EP

Liquid Me is a band that was featured as a "New Band To Burn One To" a few weeks back. Today they release their first ever EP and asked for a possible review. I figured since I had a few minutes available I would try and squeeze in a tiny review for these fine gents.

The EP starts off with an Alice in Chains-inspired tune (at least the first half) called "Fallout" sans the vocal harmonies. The song gets you jumping in your seat then finishes with a fast beat amongst a wailing guitar solo. Next is balls out rocker "Resist",  it's fast speed transitions into another scorcher called "See Thru", complete with a firey guitar solo, and vocalist Lotus screaming "I don't give a fuck!!". The song comes to an abrupt halt and a grinding bass line grooves into potenial single "She Said". The song winds and grooves with it's mysterious rythym and heavy back beat. The EP finishes with melodic rocker "Suffocation".

The EP is a nice introduction to the band. All of the tunes are very catchy and well-laid out and show the band's affinity for their grunge and classic hard rock influences. Hook up with these guys and score yourself copy today.


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