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Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Band To Burn One To- Sun Speed

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Sun Speed.


SUN SPEED arose from the fog of Saint John, Canada and is Guitarists Chris Wilcox and Eric Brawn, drummer Dave McEwen, thereafter joined by Troy Doucet on bass. The band carefully saturates a blend of Hard Rock & Doom with the early Rock and Metal Wizardry of Wilcox. "Chris has this huge knowledge & chronologic method to showing people music (and) we'd drink and listen to so much I hadnt heard in a while, or at all ever" recalls Eric. "Then with guitars everything I would play him or describe would blend so nicely with what he does, we were all around eachother with no indecisiveness or hesitation. We just thought we'd better start something." Drummer Dave McEwen, a former bandmate of Chris, was soonafter involved. "There were many talented friends who contributed early on thankfully, but things felt more at-home with Dave for what we were doing" recalls Wilcox, the then former bandmate of McEwen.  The debut shows were from May to August 2008 with friend Liam Craig on bass followed by about 20 shows to September 2009 with bassist Greg Carter, creator of the band's "Lab of Spheres" video. "Lab (of Spheres) was a song from a two-song 2008 release produced by Shelley Brown, the other song was the first recording of Ignoramous (re-recorded for the band's 2011 self-titled release)" notes McEwen. The obstacles facing a loud Doom band from a Maritime province are numerous and have included rehearsal space, a full line-up, and a next-to-nothing band fund but Sun Speed remain a recognized and well-received name in Eastern Canadian underground. The band's first full lenth will be self-titled and available late Spring 2011 on the bands own Masteri Music, while seeking additional exposure, distro and/or or other label support.

Sun Speed from Canada follows in the tradition of such bands as The Sword, Saviours and Priestess. The band plays an infectious brand of doom-tinged metal with heavy riffing and a howling vocal. Judging from the song posted on their various pages, it looks like the band needs to get to work since the song above is from 2008. Well, that is exactly what they have been doing with a new release slated for sometime this year.


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