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Monday, June 6, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Boar

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Boar.


Boar was formed in late 2009 and started at first as a power trio but soon fourth member joined in Boar's live setup to handle all effects and second guitar. Boar is from Oulu, Finland.

Our goal is to make classic fuzzed out riffs with sludge style vocals and occasionally sink in psychedelia and little bit mellower parts with clean vocals.

We are going on tour at next month in southern Finland and we're gonna start recording a split C - casette at summer. All songs in new album are also ready but we're gonna start recording just at autumn.

Well, a little bit short but we are a young band and have short history yet.

If you haven't heard of this band yet, now is the time. These four dudes from Oulu, Finland keep the grooves flowing. The band immerses the listener with wave upon wave of groove based heavily fuzzed-out trippiness, especially on 11:34 track "Old Nick", which sounds like a a trip through a sandstorm with their creative use of pedal effects. Maybe my favorite part about this band is their ability to break-up the monotony of each song by intertwining sludge vocals with a clean vocal sound. Each track is brilliantlly arranged without being overproduced. As stated in their bio, "Well, a little bit short but we are a young band and have short history yet." I think their time has come. You can listen to and download their EP for free (or name your own price) on Bandcamp.


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