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Thursday, April 11, 2013

LP Review - "Horizontal Life" by Desert Storm

Desert Storm are a UK based Stoner/Sludge metal band with a penchant for fat bluesy rock outs accompanied by gruff and gravely vocals and groovy Clutch-like stoner jams.

With their latest album "Horizontal Life" released on Blindsight Records, they deliver 12 solid tracks of highly enjoyable chunky Stoner/Sludge metal. The album is mastered by none other than Billy Anderson who has in the past added his masterful touch to the works of such bands as Neurosis, Melvins and Eyehategod.

Bluesy riffs, fist pumping head nodding rock outs, heavy gritty sludge and beefy thumping drums are the order of the day here with an album that just oozes attitude; Desert Storm are taking no prisoners. This is the sound of a band who really have their shit together after numerous live performances and they show they can do balls out and groovy feel-good stoner metal at least as equally well as their more well known American counterparts but can also turn their dirty hands to monstrous and pleasingly filthy Sludge Metal.

Standout tracks for me are "No Slave To Master" with its references to the glorious herb and the sound of a bubbling bong and stoned goofy laughs. It's high-hearted fun and the riffs are as catchy as a dope smoke filled hell.

"Mr Strongbatch" that amps up the heavy with a crunchy groove that will definitely have you head banging as does it's proceeding track "Enslaved In The Icy Tundra" which is heavier still taking Desert Storm's sound into Sludge domains but with the emphasis on funked-up Stoner grooves still very much in essence.
The just under 11 minute masterpiece "Titan" that slows the pace to a darkly tripped out monster of Stoner/Sludge Metal that is played with raw passion and power and which proves that Desert Storm are not dwelling too much on their Clutch influence and are evolving their sound into one very much their own. There are calmer, more gentle moments of spaced out ambience given as a soothing tonic to balance against the raw dirt and heavy grit of the track. It's moments like these that make this album a classic in the making and show that Desert Storm have great ideas that keep their sound fresh and interesting. Towards the final minute of this track the heavy is returned in a storming roll of Sludgy riffs making this track my favorite on the album and indeed one of my favorite tracks of this year so far.

The album closer "Scorpion" brings almost Hardcore style riffage that soon develops into the chunky Stoner grooves that Desert Storm do so well but with a thick layer of filth and crunch that gives us a hint at the direction that Desert Storm are taking. I expect (and hope) to hear more deliciously heavy Sludginess on their next album.

Desert Storm are fast shaping up to be one of the best Stoner Metal bands in the UK and they are a truly fucking excellent band live who gave Honky a real run for their money on their recent UK tour. I highly recommened this album to everyone who reads the reviews here at Heavy Planet because it has something for everyone without ever deviating from Desert Storm's own evolving sound.
"Horizontal Life" is available now so go grab it, you won't regret it I promise.


  1. The music is incredible for sure, but how about that insane cover by artist Chris Hitchman?

  2. Hey Al, do you fancy reviewing our new album 'Omniscient'? It comes out tomorrow.


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