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Thursday, June 11, 2015

EP Review: Wychhound by Wychhound

There’s an almighty sound coming from London stoner/grunge/doom outfit Wychhound that is heavy to the point of suffocation, just enough to get you to the edge of your life, knowing that for the past 20 minutes you’ve actually lived. The crushing down-tuned guitars, pounding drums, and coarse vocals don’t obey to genres, frequently playing with the rule book, crossing between stoner, grunge, doom, metal and classic rock elements.

There’s no letting up from start to finish over the three tracks on offer here, as the five-piece have not come to fuck around. Opener ‘Cold Temple’ carries stoner/psychedelic vocals over crushing metal-esque deeply driven guitar riffs that is the heart and soul of this band. With each track being around seven minutes long, the band get to flow across not just different genres, but also different speeds of playing, frequently slowing things to a crawling doom pace, before unleashing minute-long thrashy guitar solos. ‘House of Cards’ gently builds to an almighty explosions of meaty riffs with vocalist Jimmy Holifield ripping the speakers apart, yelling, “I AM THE WIND THAT BLOWS DOWN THE HOUSE OF CARDS” with a thousand horse power behind him.

The London boys end on riff heavy closer ‘Truant Mind’ with its wall of guitars driving the song ever forwards, like waves constantly battering your eardrums. With their self-titled debut EP, Wychhound have opened to door to a world of possibilities of where they could go from here, but with the evidence on show, their future is going to be loud, big, and heavy as hell. We can’t wait!


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