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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Review: Threefold Law-MMX

Threefold Law has been crushing skulls in the Cleveland, Ohio area since 2006 honoring their heros such as Trouble, Black Sabbath, Pentagram with their own blend of sinister stoner/doom rock. Their most recent release is unique to say the least. Instead of one album, Threefold Law released two EPs, "The Burning Time" and "The Rede" (also available separately) include two videos, an interview and a live shot of the song “Kingdom on Earth”, on a USB stick.


The first EP is The Burning Time consisting of 4 tracks. First track "Rankin" starts off the EP with a Tool-like riff then unexpectedly transforms into a chug-along rocker complete with mid-song bass solo and ripping guitar lead. "Killer of the Sultan" cruises along with a riff reminescent of something off a Dio-era Sabbath release. "The Burning Time" is easily the best tune on this first EP. The song starts off with what sounds like a Beastie Boys drum beat then kicks in with a bone crushing riff that transcends through time, 8:48 to be exact. The first EP finishes up strong with "The Serpent King", a scorching southern-tinged doom rock ditty.


The second EP is The Rede consisting of 5 tracks. The first song "Paris Green" is a nice little sing-a-long rocker. The next track "Kingdom of the Earth" has a great groove that grabs you and doesn't want to let go. Track 3 "Ember Daze" is a slow burning... , well exactly what the title suggests. The next track "HIS" is a bit faster paced than the others and is maybe say a bit more "radio-friendly" and has a great moving bass part mid-song. The second EP finishes up in epic proportions with the slow-tempo doom-laden 7:53 long "Old Dominion".


In conclusion, for the most part the songs on both EPs are pretty damn good and the concept of the release is pretty cool. I think for the listener to get the full effect they need to purchase both EPs and possibly listen to them in a different order. I guess what I am trying to say is that the release lacks cohesiveness. I love what these guys do and commend them for trying to be different in an otherwise predictable genre. Also, I must finish by saying that the artwork for MMX is completely bad ass. Kudos!

Don’t know what an “MMX” is? Check out this seven minute video tutorial to find out.



  1. Thanks for the review, Reg. Threefold Law appreciates the time you took to listen and write it up.

    Horns up!

    --J. Thorn of Threefold Law

  2. Its a very good post. I was very pleased to find this site.


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