Toby's In Case You Missed It

Throughout the year, Toby seeks out an album that may have gotten overlooked in his new feature...In Case You Missed It.

Rozamov-"Of Gods and Flesh" 08/09/13
Gareeda-"In Blood" 08/02/13
Cough/Windhand Split-"Reflections" 6/24/13
Across Tundras/Lark's Tongue Split 6/17/13
Porcupine-"The Sensation of Being Somebody" 6/7/13
White Widows Pact-"S/T" 5/31/13
Silver Devil-"S/T" 5/24/13
Kingsnake-"One-Eyed King of the Blind" 5/10/13
Borracho-"Mob Gathering" 4/5/13
Bloodnstuff-"Self-Titled" 3/29/13
Veracrash-"My Brother the Godhead" 3/1/13
Low Gravity-"Incarnadine" 2/15/13
Demonic Death Judge-"Skygods" 2/8/13
Propane Propane-"Indigo" 1/25/13
The Heavy Eyes-"Maera" 1/11/13
Witchcraft-"Legend" 12/21/12
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