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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Album Review: Black Water - Edison's Elephant

Hailing from Brooklyn.....or?.....and?.....Phoenix by way of Rocky Mount, Virginia, Black Water ply their trade mostly in 'Indie' waters, I suppose, but their style and energy fit in perfectly with the low tuned, melodic stonersphere of desert rock, bringing just enough familiarity with their unique style to render their loud and lascivious brand of rock at once familiar and fresh.

You won't learn much about this foursome from their Facebook page, or any other digital domain, beyond the bandmember's names: Travis Prillaman, James Taylor, Cody Webb, and Caleb Fuller. But fire up "Edison's Elephant" on your favorite digital music player and you'll likely learn all you want to know about what they have to offer in the way of high energy, bluesy, rioting rock riffage. Black Water's music doesn't stray far from what you love about guitar heavy rock, displaying hefty homage to blues and blues rock at its best from eras past and present. The guitar on this album is like a superweapon of some sort, blasting out incomprehensible sound that manages to simultaneously shock and satisfy. It's wrapped around and threaded through ultra luscious rhythms in the presence of one badass drummer and an equally muscular bass player. At the vanguard of this otic onslaught are the perfectly matched vocals, while at its core are emotionally charged melodies of intelligent structure.

The songs on this album are the crowning achievement. A case could be made for each as 'best of', and each spin through the tracklist yields a new appreciation of one or two in the form of new found enjoyment of bridge or riff, etc. "Tarantula" is a haunting delight. "Blueser" is my candidate for best song in a strong, strong field of melodies as it borrows heavily from blues rock tradition and delivers mightily in Black Water's primal rendition. "Stutter" is unique in style and display, presenting a fresh, exciting experience. "Flying", also, is not a too common exhibition with it's drum heavy melody, funky guitar, and impassioned vocals.

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