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Monday, July 6, 2015

LP Review - Deep Aeon - Temple of Time

This disc opens and closes with a galloping of dirty rock fuzz.  I mean like truly galloping—like a horse hepped up on pure liquid rock.  If ever there were good horse-riding music across the desert plains, this would be the high-octane fueled soundtrack.  I suppose tossing it in your car's stereo would suffice—just watch yourself, as it'll tempt you to break some traffic laws.  Temple of Time is some straight up rockin' from Germany. 

The choruses are surprisingly catchy (in particular the tracks “Element 24,” "High Trip King," & "Down by the River") and it's hard not to sing along after a few listens.  Their sparing use of phase, echo, & delay throughout the album compliment some of the songs perfectly.  You want to hear more of it, but they give you just enough to nod and say “That was pretty cool what we did there wasn’t it?”

While the vocals are reminiscent of Brain Police, the music brings in more of a Kyuss, and even Priestess, influence. At only six songs, the album is rather short but perhaps that's a good thing.  That way it's safer for you and everyone else on the road.

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