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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Split LP Review: Fuzzonaut by Vinnum Sabbathi & Bar de Monjas

Two fuzz heavy bands have just released a split LP that will soundtrack your summer! Mexican bands Vinnum Sabbathi and Bar de Monjas have created the perfect type of split record, with two very different styles, influences, and musicianship, and merged them together in perfect harmony.

Vinnum Sabbathi take their turn first with three songs of doom heavy droning fuzz, shattering the speakers, with spoken NASA samples scattered over the top in place of singing, and it works to a devastating effect, creating an apocalyptic fuzz that at times can be bleak, but ultimately powers through with messages of strength and anger. The bass fuzz pedals are firmly to the floor throughout ‘Hex I: The Mastery’ and ‘Hex II: Foundation’ as the elongated heavy riffs pound away one brutal hit at a time.

Last years In Fuzz We Trust was a personal highlight of mine, so a little expectation accompanied the listening of Bar de Monjas’ side of the Fuzzonaut split, and there’s not an ounce of disappointment to be found as the Mexican duo set their fuzz game off with aplomb as ‘Hot Rail’ stands as a statement of intent as the instrumental track changes pace from pounding stoner to break neck heavy rock, all the while bathed in the band’s love of the fuzz pedal. Whereas Vinnum Sabbathi draw out their songs to become fuzz droning epics, Bar de Monjas are straight to the point; they’ve come to party. ‘The Ripper’ is a balls to the wall assault of fuzzy garage riffs that works as well in a mosh pit as it does with the casual foot tap, while 'Fuzzonaut' shows the layers of the band, slowing down the energetic pace to concentrating on droning heavy licks that show a band playing with their audience.

Fuzzonaut shows the best of both bands, both of whom are ready to explode out of the South American scene and onto a much bigger stage. The world deserves Vinnum Sabbathi and Bar de Monjas, and you deserve Fuzzonaut!


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