Every once in a while the staff at Heavy Planet has the opportunity to interview some of the best bands and musicians in the genre. Here is a list of all of the interviews that the staff has conducted.

11/09/14-Brant Bjork- Seth
05/02/14-Order Of the Owl- Toby
04/25/14-The Midnight Ghost Train- Justin
04/17/14-Stumpfest: Rynne Stump- Seth
04/16/14-Heavy Friends Records- Justin
03/14/14-Sixty Watt Shaman-Toby
02/27/14-The Witches Drum- Al
01/13/14-Destroyer of Light-Justin
10/04/13-Dave Chandler (St. Vitus) Part Two-Justin
10/03/13-Dave Chandler (St. Vitus) Part One-Justin
08/10/13-Reg's Interview with The Ripple Effect
04/30/13-Alex Von Wieding (Interview by Stargun Music)
04/29/13-Stargun Music-Ken
08/25/12-Feuerzeug- Ken
08/09/12-Godhunter -Seth
07/27/12-Baroness- Seth
04/02/12-The Skull (featuring ex-members of Trouble)-Toby
01/21/12-COC's Woody Weatherman-Seth
10/01/11-Rwake's Jeff Morgan -Seth
09/25/11-Memphis Crawl -Seth
09/02/11-Brant Bjork-Toby
03/09/11-Shroud Eater-Toby
11/30/10-Steve Seabury -Toby
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