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If you are looking for new Stoner Rock, Doom, Heavy Psych or Sludge Metal bands, then you have come to the right place. Heavy Planet has been providing free promotion to independent and unsigned bands since 2008. Find your next favorite band at Heavy Planet. Thanks for stopping by!


Every once in a while the staff at Heavy Planet has the opportunity to interview some of the best bands and musicians in the genre. Here is a list of all of the interviews that the staff has conducted.

11/09/14-Brant Bjork- Seth
05/02/14-Order Of the Owl- Toby
04/25/14-The Midnight Ghost Train- Justin
04/17/14-Stumpfest: Rynne Stump- Seth
04/16/14-Heavy Friends Records- Justin
03/14/14-Sixty Watt Shaman-Toby
02/27/14-The Witches Drum- Al
01/13/14-Destroyer of Light-Justin
10/04/13-Dave Chandler (St. Vitus) Part Two-Justin
10/03/13-Dave Chandler (St. Vitus) Part One-Justin
08/10/13-Reg's Interview with The Ripple Effect
04/30/13-Alex Von Wieding (Interview by Stargun Music)
04/29/13-Stargun Music-Ken
08/25/12-Feuerzeug- Ken
08/09/12-Godhunter -Seth
07/27/12-Baroness- Seth
04/02/12-The Skull (featuring ex-members of Trouble)-Toby
01/21/12-COC's Woody Weatherman-Seth
10/01/11-Rwake's Jeff Morgan -Seth
09/25/11-Memphis Crawl -Seth
09/02/11-Brant Bjork-Toby
03/09/11-Shroud Eater-Toby
11/30/10-Steve Seabury -Toby
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