Monday, February 16, 2015

LP Review 'Chapter 1: A Long Time Coming' by Profane And The Sacred

While there's a lot to be said - in terms of Google search rankings at least - for naming your band a reversal of a Smashing Pumpkins song, 'The Sacred and the Profane' - it's equally pleasing, that all musical similarities end there.
London-based Profane And The Sacred are remorseless in their occupation of music's deep-south, whisky-swigging, stoner rock; from their unnerving passion, eight minute opener 'Bench' warps and mutates into something reminiscent of Phil Anselmo's finest moments crossed with lighter shades of 'Rooster' based Alice In Chains.

Both dissonant and rich, their sound blazes proudly at its bluesy core with guitarists Luke Alleeson and Rick Spooner masterful in their guitar playing craft.
The mid-paced riffage soon gives way to the precise and scabrous vocals of Luke Alleeson, offset by Robb Taylor on bass and the malicious missives of Kieran Smith on drums.

This is a great album that lands its blows track to track.

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