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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Human Nature

Holy shit this is heavy!

Playing a brand of feedback induced doom accompanied with cavalcades of noise rock explosions for good measure, is best presented in its purest and rawest form, scraping the layers off your eardrums with each scorching dragging riff. This is the bit where Human Nature are revealed, a four piece London band that have the potential to seriously fuck up your day.

Through their suffocatingly heavy fuzzed doom riffs to their choke-holding drumming, Human Nature have created a demo which many long-stays in the game wouldn’t find enough passion to nurture. The vocals are sparse throughout the self-titled home recorded EP, echoing in through the metal infused ‘Bound’, sandwiched between the instrumental stoner metal of ‘Interlude’ and the psychedelic tendencies of ‘VOID’, Human Nature are a band with seemingly endless ideas of where to take their music, it’s going to be exciting to hear what noise these guys spew out next. Grab a hold of their demo now as a free download from Bandcamp.


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