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Nuclear Dog's Atomic Split

Two fine bands are featured each Saturday by Ken "Nuclear Dog" Elliot.


01/04-Larman Clamor - "Alligator Heart" / Alice Tambourine Lover - "Star Rovers"


12/28-Summoner - "Atlantian" / Lint - 'Existence"
11/25-Exporting White Elephants, Iron Man, Palm Desert, The Outlaws of Zen, Arrowhead
11/19-Hollow Leg-"Abysmal" / Brimstone Coven - "II"
08/17-Luder - "Adelphophagia" / Elvis Deluxe - "The Story So Far"
07/13-Wall of Sleep - "Mao's Gauntlet" / Geezer - "Gage"
07/06-Midryasi - "Black, Blue & Violet" / Peacemaker - "Cult .45"
06/29-Polkadot Cadaver- "Last Call in Jonestown" / Egypt&Wo Fat - "Cyclopean Riffs"
06/22-Estoner - "The Stump Will Rise" / Motherslug - "Motherslug"
06/15-Switchblade Jesus - "Switchblade Jesus" / Ten Foot Wizard - "Return to the Infinite"
06/08-Mexicoma - "Mexicoma / SADA - "All Hail the Beeflords"
06/03-Deaf Proof - "Beyond the Orange Door Demo" / Steak - "Corned Beef Colossus"
05/25-Scattered Hamlet - "Skeleton Dixie" / The Blackwater Fever - "The Depths"
05/11-Orchid - "The Mouths of Madness" / Kadavar - "Abra Kadavar"
05/04-Them Hounds - "Them Hounds" / Free Fall - "Power and Volume"
04/27-Devil To Pay-"Fate Is Your Muse"/Supercabra-"Down From the Mountain"
05/04-Them Hounds-"S/T"/Free Fall-"Power and Volume"
04/20-Mamont-"Passing Through the Mastery Door"/Atlantic Valley-Mammoth"
04/13-The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic-"S/T"/Electric Taurus-"Veneralia"
04/06-Trash Titan-"Self-Titled"/Bedroom Rehab Corporation-"Red Over Red"
03/30-The Superguns-"Self-Titled"/Totimoshi-"Mysterioso"
03/23-The Black Widow's Project-"Heavy Heart"/Half Gramme of Soma-"Self-Titled"
03/16-Mammoth Mammoth-"Hell's Likely/The Shooters-"Planet of the Black Sun"
03/09-Dark Valley Harvesters-"Seed"/Crag Dweller-"Magic Dust"/Utah-"Utah"
03/02-Palm Desert-"Rotten Village Sessions"/Mothership-"Mothership"
02/23-Beam Orchestra-"Cosmic Spoof"/Supermachine-"Supermachine"
02/16-Thaddeus Anna Green-"Directory of Thieves"/Hot Lunch-"Hot Lunch"
01/26-Jaw Horse - "Cancer Creek" / Enchantress - "Visualize"
01/19-Gozu - "The Fury of a Patient Man" / Spectral Haze - "Spectral Haze"
01/12-Egypt - "Egypt" / Egypt - "Become the Sun"


12/29/12-DSW - "Dust Storm Warning" / Bison, Bison - "Bison, Bison"
12/22/12-Skanska Mord/Abrahma
12/15/12-Enos/Admiral Sir Cloudesly Shovell
12/08/12-Reverence/Barbara & Los Rotos Del Rock
12/01/12-Indian Handcrafts/Binford
11/24/12-The Great Khan/Ruby the Hatchet
11/17/12-Great Western/Stone Roots
11/10/12-Five Horse Johnson/Junkyard Birds
10/27/12-Dwellers/Sun Gods in Exile
10/20/12-Mother of God/The Graviators
10/13/12-Colour Haze/Glowsun
10/06/12-Captain Crimson/Super Goddess
09/29/12-Stallone/Lecherous Gaze
09/22/12-Wheelfall/Stoner Train
09/15/12-Enos/Red Desert
09/08/12-Wight/Wake Up Lucid
09/01/12-Wo Fat/Nightstalker

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