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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Today Heavy Planet introduces a new feature, Nuclear Dog's Atomic Split, a feature in the same vein as Zac's Double Dose, bringing you more of the new, ass kickin' music HP provides for discovery and enjoyment. Today's debut features albums from one of Rock's premier labels, Small Stone Records. Both bands featured come to Small Stone after having released previous recordings on other labels. Both bands bring a world of experience and know how to a style of rock that leans toward the genius that permeated seventies rock. One band is an old favorite, well known in the world of stoner/doom/psych rock, the other band perhaps relatively unknown until hopefully now. Old or new, known or unknown, the bands represented by Small Stone Records always deliver the goods, in rock n roll spades, and today is no exception. So, please enjoy this debut presentation of Nuclear Dog's Atomic Split, featuring Wo Fat and Nightstalker.

Wo Fat - The Black Code

Wo Fat have delivered a new album, "The Black Code" on their new label, Small Stone Records, that demonstrates a rare ability to produce a musical collection that is both familiar and fresh, an accomplishment that occurs seldomly when bands and artists begin to issue music beyond their first few releases. Wo Fat have now released 4 superb albums, all of them maintaining the loud and low seventies sound characterized by their favorite influences, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, and Jimi Hendrix. The accomplished threesome from Austin, Texas loudly demonstrate their own special brand of stoner/doom/psych rock while generating tons of low fuzz distortion, combining for as great an experience as you can ask for on a heavy stoner/doom/psych offering. Check out the opening track "Lost Highway", which opens with a jeet kune do jab of stoner riffage right between the eyes and only builds from there. Or enjoy the psychedelic journey of "Sleep of the Black Lotus", which burns slowly, hotly, consistently down the mile long trek of its tightly packed fuse.

You will recognize the brilliance of Wo Fat on "The Black Code" while enjoying the fresh set of songs they have conjured up through the haze and smoke of their Hill Country hoodoo. The CD release is scheduled for November 13. The digital version is available now.

Band Members:
Kent Stump - Guitar, Vox, Fender Rhodes
Tim Wilson - Bass
Michael Walter - Baterie Mastodonica, Vox

((( smallstone || myspace || facebook || site || bandcamp )))


NightStalker - Dead Rock Commando

Nightstalker are a great addition to the Small Stone selection of simply great rock and roll. The rock they deliver is a consummation of their many years playing, the skill levels they’ve developed during that time in both instrument execution and song construction, and the apparent joy they continue to experience in creating some of the coolest rock music available on the planet. The CD has just become available, releasing on August 28th.

One of Small Stone Record’s newest signings is Nightstalker, but this band has been around for a long time, since 1989 in fact. Hailing from Greece these guys have played with numerous rock bands, both known and perhaps not so well known. They are veterans of 6 album releases, including the latest on Small Stone Records, “Dead Rock Commandos”, which can be classified as a flat out masterpiece of cleverly crafted rock that explodes at the same time with re-entry intensity. Lots of loud and heavy guitar laid down on tnt laden bass and drums, all wrapped in melodies that lend themselves perfectly to guitar heavy  rock. Each song is capped off by the brilliant and gifted vocals of Argy, the lead singer, who clearly relishes his ability and the opportunity to belt out the finely crafted songs on this album. The title track displays the adept, aggressive, and athletic style of Nightstalker, delivering a near perfect execution of what rock should be: enjoying and exhilarating. The opening track, “Go Get Some” is an all out guitar offensive with melodic underpinnings, while “The Boogieman Plan” delivers perhaps the most energetic track on the album, a relentless jab, cross, jab assault that comes close to providing a knock out punch of guitar force and fury.

Band Members:
Argy: Vocals
Andreas Lagios: Bass
Tolis Motsios: Guitars
Dinos Roulos: Drums

((( smallstone || site || myspace || facebook || bandcamp )))

In one fell swoop Small Stone Records have managed to deliver two candidates for album of the year with Wo Fat’s “The Black Code” and Nightstalker’s “Dead Rock Commandos”, two albums that will likely be enjoyed by those of us that love the good kind of rock n’ roll for years to come.


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