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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Album Review: Red Wizard - COSMOSIS


I have to admit I'm at a loss on how to begin without sounding like some overstimulated fanboy.

But I LOVE Cosmosis by Red Wizard. It ticks most of the boxes for what I love about heavy rock music. The deep, dark, melancholy guitar. Raw, edgy, unrefined vocals that don't resort to yelling, yet having plenty of range. Melodies, hooks, riffs, and solos that are fun, interesting, primal, and spiritual. Muscular, athletic rhythm with a thick, brawny bass and vigorous, virulent drums. Hell, there's even some bone chilling harmonica in places.

It's possible that my interest in this album, this band, is seated in the similarities the album bears to Ozzy's Black Sabbath. Okay, so what. That could very well be. But Red Wizard in and of themselves don't sound like Black Sabbath so much as Cosmosis does. Red Wizard's first release, 2013's self titled, 5 song EP, doesn't sound anything like Sabbath......well, except for the cover of The Wizard at the end of the album. Who knows, perhaps covering this song inspired them to create their own Ozzy/Geezer/Iommi inspired album. Whatever the case may be for their motivation the effort put forth by this California pentatet has knocked it out of the park, as they say.

Hailing from San Ramon, California Red Wizard are:

Travis Baucum - vocals, harmonica
Miles Von Ricketson -  lead guitar
Casey Lamontagne - guitar
David Wilburn - bass
Shane Kepler - drums

Cosmosis was released April 8th by the awesome Ripple Music and can be found on bandcamp. I highly recommend checking it out, and trading in a few hard earned dollars for some primal hard metal.


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