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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Year of the Cobra ...in the shadows below- STB Records Oct 28, 2016

Year of the Cobra indeed!

I first started hearing about the Fuzzed out Doom duo of Jon and Amy Tung Barrysmith last year through the grapevine of the Northwest music scene and they are a record labels wet dream, a good looking couple that write great songs tour heavily and are just damn nice people! All the high praise was backed up by a 10" vinyl release with Devil's Child and D.H.U records, the single White Wizard being one of my favorite songs released in 2016 was a great way to be introduced into Amy and Jon's heavy musical world, and In the Shadows Below blows the doors wide open, maybe they should change it to Years of the Cobra, cuz they're just getting started!  
I've had the pleasure of seeing YOTC live and Amy's playing through her "Bass Rig of Doom" is matched equally by Jon's superb heavy drumming skills and then topped off with her voice is something you must experience . I must also mention that 3 of my favorite N/W bands at the moment happen to have husband and wive teams in them, and 2 of them have female vocalists. Maybe I'm just tired of bearded dudes yelling at me?
If you go see them (which I'm sure you can cuz they like to be in the van), make sure your bowels aren't already shaky, cuz they'll be loose after.

On with the review,

Year of the Cobra ..in the shadows below:

I knew this album was going to be a treat when I heard the master himself Billy Anderson (Sleep, Melvins) was at the helm, and boy howdy...every track from start to finish is a lesson in how to play heavy but keeping the listener wanting more with catchy melodies and vision invoking lyrics.
Mr. Anderson does a great job of capturing Amy's sound on this and I won't deny having a raging Toner while listening, her use of effects and 2 bass rigs is in my opinion the only way to get an all around good sound with a bass/drum duo and Billy always gets killer drums sounds as well. Amy also just got endorsed by Caleb Barton of Bridge City Sound and you can here his amps on the album.
I don't like to break down each song with what I think (there's plenty of other sites that do). But I can tell you after the opening track you'll be locked in for the ride.
They're coming for us and that's a good thing!
1. Lion and the Unicorn
2. The Siege
3. Vision of three
4. Spider and the Fly
5. Persephone
6. White Wizard
7. Temple of Apollo
8. Electric Warrior
Release date October 28th on STB records (who always do a great job).  PRE-ORDER NOW! http://stbrecords.bigcartel.com/
11/12 – Seattle, WA Release Show w/Ancient Warlocks and Witch Ripper
11/27 – Bellingham, WA w/Castle and Mos Generator
11/28 – Olympia, WA w/Castle and Mos Generator
12/7 – Eugene, OR w/Red Cloud
12/8 – Sacramento, CA w/Mos Generator
12/9 – Arcata, CA w/Mos Generator
12/10 – Medford, OR w/Mos Generator
12/11 – Tacoma, WA w/Mos Generator
3/3/17 – Berlin, Germany
3/4/17 – Hell Over Hammaburg Festival, Germany

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