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Monday, February 15, 2016

LP Review: Thrones In The Sky by Son Of A Witch

Having released their debut EP way back at the beginning of 2012, it has been a long wait for Brazilians Son Of A Witch to release their debut record, but my word has Thrones In The Sky been worth the wait! Mixing elements of stoner, doom, fuzz, psychedelia, groove – basically everything we love here at Heavy Planet, and because you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this too.

The record starts off with ‘Thrones in The Sky’, opening with some heavy Black Sabbath style doom worshipping, so you’d be forgiven to thinking that the album will be going along the same route as a thousand other bands, but then Son Of A Witch suddenly flick the ‘FUCK YEAH’ switch, and things get tasty. The plodding doom turns into heavy, dark stoner rock with a pulsating beat, before the rasping vocals of King Lizzard come into play like a razor blade to the throat. The speed changes sporadically, with key changes aplenty, and riffs to rip you a new one, but they all intertwine and fit perfectly to create the whole song, the cliché of the journey that it takes you on; it leaves you sweaty, neck sore, hoarse, and bursting for more – and this is all in the first song!

Each of the five tracks on the record here average about 11 minutes in length, and it can be found at times when bands try this that you can find yourself a little bored or lost in between and wander off to thoughts of something else, but Son Of A Witch have enough tricks up their sleeves to make things really interesting. ‘Alpha Omega Astra’ begins again down a heavy doomesque path for two minutes, before gigantic riffs halt proceedings and the track changes into a juggernaut stoner rock song, around 4 and a half minutes in it strays into metal territory without quite going full blown face shredding, about 6 and a half minutes in they go ape shit a let lose all of their riffing instrumental abilities in all their glory, before turning into a psychedelic post rock vibe with spaced out vocals caressing your battered soul, ending the song in cosmic distortion before the riffs kick in once again to devastating effect in closing. Phew, what a ride!

The vocals, instrument styles, time changes, length of songs, everything, compliments each other on this record. Everything can be pretty much reflected in the artwork as, just like the music, there’s a shit load going on, you want to take everything in all at once, it’s tripping balls, heavy, gnarly, and just fucking awesome. Get this record!


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