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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Nuclear Bulldozer

Now there’s a band name that carries a lot of expectation with it! Surely you can’t pass off calling your band Nuclear Bulldozer without having the loudest most pummelling riffs available to man, and you wouldn’t be far wrong by the noise emanating out of Szczecin, Poland.

This trio play a metal/stoner/instrumental hybrid that both alienates everybody from their aggressive doom-like riffs, but also envelopes the listener in a cloud of unity, striving forward and destroying whatever’s in the way. The band’s demo Demo(lition) is one to fuck with your head a little as the onslaught of their doom metal instrumentals slowly eat away at the side of your skull, creating an almighty brain fuck.

Get on board this Nuclear Bulldozer of instrumental death before it crushes everything in sight! 

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