Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: White Dwarf

Remember when the sound of Sleep first exhaled its way out of your speakers with its hazed filled heavy stoner doom riffs, mesmerizing you into submission, and for however long the record lasted, it had you gripped from start to finish? Well, the next closest thing to revisiting that discovery lies within Sweden’s White Dwarf, and it’s a journey you’re going to want to throw yourself into.

The Halmstad band (David Söderlund on guitar, Ludvig Rosenbaumon bass and vocals, and Benjamin Roth hitting the skins) have just released their astonishing demo ISM, and it sounds HUGE, in a blazing one up as the world rotates around you kind of way. Their sound is extremely mature for such a new band, with the gut heavy fuzz of the guitar riffs kind of taking your breath away as they force you to inhale throughout the four stoner (in the truest sense of the word) tracks on offer for us to divulge. It’s really dumbfounding to think  that this is just their demo, I mean, HOLY SHIT!

White Dwarf are the real deal, so get on board with these guys in the early stages, as only big things lay ahead.

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