Tuesday, August 4, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: SZIKES

We have some Serbian instrumental stoner/desert rock to light one up to today as the Vojvodina four piece (Akos, Karesz, Pedja, and Tamas) have just unleashed their self-titled debut, with five tracks of blistering instrumental that should be found somewhere in the deep outback of Palm Springs, not necessarily from a place in Eastern Europe. But who cares about location? So long as the music rocks then it’s all great in our book, and SZIKES do indeed rock, as they slowly burn the candle away as their psychedelic leanings build and dwell the bands' sound before crashing in with heavy swathes of stoner excellence.

 We might have trouble pronouncing their names and song titles, but the sound of SZIKES is one we’re going to be keeping a joyous ear on for a while. Gnarly artwork too!
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