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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: DÆTHLUST



Three-piece of scummy villains from Solingen/Mönchengladbach, NRW-Germany.

Felix - Drums, Vocals
Mario - Bass, Vocals
Lasse - Guitars, Vocals


"What I totally love about German band Dæthlust is their egotistical and cantankerous attitude which is eloquently combined with progressive elements and a warm and swirling fuzzy haze. The raucous and heathenistic doom and roll fuzzfest commences from note one on their latest offering "The Deliverer". Doomy riffs are rampant throughout this 5-song EP as well as a tinge of psychedelia which serpentines intermittently amongst these five beastly tracks. The shouted vocals seem to be purposely hidden in the mix as if some sort of ghoul is lurking in the background beckoning you to join him on the other side. From the cool flanged-out  chugging of "Satin" to the epic monster track "Koloss", the band surely left a deafening imprint on this listener's ears. Give them a listen now!"


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