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Monday, May 6, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: GOLD LEATHER



Gold Leather is the noisy sweat factory constructed by former Missoulians Wes Williamson (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Jared Sayre (drums, vocals), and original Austinite Zane Andrews (guitar, vocals). Starting with just Sayre and Williamson playing in the garage of their North Austin home, the trio has matured into a full-frontal exposure of Danzig-esque high notes with a grimy aftertaste of sludge. Gold Leather sounds like your back feels after peeling it off of the seat of an El Camino on a hot July day in Central Texas.


"This Austin-based band states interests such as switch blades, danger babes and hand grenades...sounds like one hell of a party to me. So in honor of yesterday's Cinco de Mayo celebration, get ready to suck down a pitcher of margaritas and woof down a fistful of fish tacos while listening to these mighty noise blasters known as Gold Leather. The music contained on Gold Leather's new EP "Illuminasti"  melds an eclectic mix of pulsating rhythms, Deep Purple-like keyboard pounding (at times) and a crazy southern groove. The eerie sounding keyboard lends to the intergalactic "sound" of these sludgy and twisted space-demons from the big ol' state of Texas. The variety and intensity on this EP is both devastating and hugely interesting. Very cool stuff you have here."


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  1. Yes I do believe gold leather is quite the groupe

  2. el camino's didn't have a back seat.

    1. ^nobody said they did dummy.


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