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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": Sleepers Awake / VolumeFeeder


Sleepers Awake: The Fulcrum Single 

Commencing in a sonorous roar and a clash of metallic instrumentation Columbus, Ohio's Sleepers Awake introduce us to their latest single The Fulcrum from the soon to be released full length album Transcension. Formed in 2005 this quartet have focused their talents on creating over-the-top epics through a progressive mentality, citing influences from Mastodon to Queen. I say epics because the band likes to stick to a concept and also fully appreciates albums as entire pieces of art, leading to what I believe is an epic disposition. So, The Fulcrum is a very small corner of a twelve track sonic painting due out the seventeenth of June (those interested in pre-ordering Trancension can do so at the bands web-store). Now, the question is, what can we dissect from this sample of the illustration in regards to the entire piece and more importantly how much metal can we find within Trancension? Well, first and one of the most prominent features of The Fulcrum is the triumphant vocal prowess of Chris Thompson. The potency in his proclamation throughout The Fulcrum could carry an album on its own and instills a promising outlook for the full length release. Next up, the brilliant percussion of "Ambrose", or Chris number two, Burnsides. His volatile drumming patterns, transforming from complex strikes to a tribal wallop, will encircle your cerebral cortex and leave your mouth agape. Finally, we come to the interlacing guitars and bass. Chris [Thompson] and Rob Bradley find themselves engaged in twin guitar slinging duels one moment and the next feeding off of one anothers booming RIFFS, while Kedar Hiremath's bass supports the battle-front. The track approaches its climax with a tolling bell mixed into Ambrose's Dany Carey-esque rolling patter. This soon evolves into a full spectral blast thanks to those swelling guitars and there you have it. The Fulcrum ends as abruptly as it began. So, lets return to our initial question. "How much metal can we find...?" Well, I'd say an oceanic proportion of metal on Trancension. Within the six minutes of The Fulcrum we find a depiction of RIFFING swells, heroic singing, and voracious tides of percussion adorning Trancension's canvas. Check it out below and get out there to support these guys. Word on the street is they have played shows with Heavy Planet favorites The MIdnight Ghost Train and Neon Warship! How could anyone in their right mind want to miss that show?

Christopher “Ambrose” Burnsides - Drums 
Chris Thompson - Vocals // Guitar 
Kedar Hiremath - Bass 
Rob Bradley - Guitar



VolumeFeeder: Crowns and Chains 

VolumeFeeder, this weeks follow-up 'Dose, hail from Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary. No, I have no clue how to pronounce that city's name and that's okay. Why? Because what is important here are the tunes. With their latest EP, entitled Crowns and Chains, VolumeFeeder have found a delightfully groovy way to indulge aggression. This trio has been creating a Hungarian-take on that Southern Louisiana sound for some ten years now and after listening to the three tracks available on Crowns and Chains, I plainly hear why. These three know how to work off of each others creativity and the outcome is just straight groove-laden metal hooks and RIFFS, RIFFS, RIFFS. You will not be sitting still for long when you plug Crowns and Chains in. So, get yourself over to bandcamp where the entire EP is streaming and available at a "Name Your Price" download. But support these guys in anyway you can. Then we can hope for a full length release.

"Imi" Imre Balázs - Vocals // Guitar 
"Geri" Gergő Drahota - Bass 
"Robi" Róbert Jaksa - Drums

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