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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

FREE Download: Heavy Planet Presents...Bong Hits From The Astral Basement

Happy New Year everyone! To ring in this new year, Heavy Planet brings to your ears our first ever compilation. Comprised of 61 of the finest independent and unsigned bands from around the world, this compilation is sure to please every fan of Stoner Rock, Doom, Psychedelic and Sludge. Back in September we started taking submissions and the response was outstanding. We've had a blast putting this comp. together and would hope to do more in the future. Along with the FREE download of the album come a free e-book which features every single band on the compilation. The amazing album artwork was done by noneother than the lovely and talented Helena Harlan. Now without further ado, I present to you...



01. 1000mods-"Road To Burn"
02. Ashes Of Iron-"The Beast"
03. Astralnaut-"Live For Nothing"
04. Baron Greenback-"Imploding Sun"
05. Bone Worm-"Sickness"
06. Boss302-"Sparrow"
07. Buzzer/The Great Khan-"Papa Was An Alligator"
08. Carrion Mother-"Venus, Goddess"
09. C.F.A.-"Shake Your Ass"
10. Concrete Sun-"God Forsaken Prostitute"
11. Dawn Storm Watchers-"666.1.333"
12. Dead Empires-"Crystal Cages"
13. Deadweight-"Astro Cannibalism"
14. Destroyer of Light-"The Virgin"
15. Diesel King-"The Ancient and the Nameless"
16. Dresden Leningrad-"Niemandsland"
17. Electric Taurus-"Two Gods, Caput Algol"
18. Emperors-"Surrender"
19. Firelord-"Crazy Little Witch"
20. Flemming-"Not About Love"
21. Gaggle of Cocks-"Black Helicopters"
22. Goat Bong-"Romancing the Drone"
23. God Ox-"Pestilent Dogmata"
24. Gonzo Morales-"Listen"
25. Hu-"Long John"
26. Ichabod-"Hollow God"
27. Interstelar-"Defined By Opposites (Opposite Daze)
28. It's Not Night, It's Space-"Blue Mountain Freedom"
29. Judd Madden-"King Drought"
30. Killimanjaro-"Killimanjaro"
31. Kozybunx-"Goatriders"
32. Large Marge-"God Bless This Apathy"
33. Les Indiens-"Ed"
34. Monobrow-"City of Angels"
35. Mystons-"Mourning Sky"
36. Narcoiris-"Montana"
37. Old and Ill-"Throat Feast"
38. Outlaws of Zen-"With the Swine"
39. Pet the Preacher-"Concrete Prophet"
40. Powered Wig Machine-"Mullet Man"
41. Radio Garage-"Siervo"
42, Rainbows Are Free-"Last Supper"
43. Red Desert-"Slow Kill"
44. Reign of Zaius-"Revelation"
45. Slow Mover-"Jefferson Combine"
46. Southern Badass-"Call of New Orleans"
47. Spine Chilling Breeze-"Something From Nothing"
48. Stonebride-"Moonrider"
49. Stonerfront Nijmegen-"Stonerfront Nijmegen"
50. Subterranean Disposition-"Prolong This Agony"
51. Sweet Love-"Black Hole"
52. The Blue Screen of Death-"Widdecombe"
53. The Cliches-"Take Me"
54. The Neptune Power Federation-"The Fuzz"
55. The Reptilians-"Britney Spears Sex Riot"
56. Witches Drum-"Climb Aboard the Bus of Devotion"
57. Throw the Goat-"Last Call"
58. Triggerman-"Hail to the River Gods"
59. Tunguska Mammoth-"Degenesis"
60. Wasted Theory-"Despair"
61. Widows-"Goat Lab"

Enjoy this FREE compilation and most importantly please support these awesome bands by purchasing their music and merchandise and attending their shows. 

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