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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: SONS OF KINGS



A brief history:

In 2008 an idea was brewing in Samu’s mind of a brain leveler band that would feature a bass guitar, loud amps, drums and a lot of low end rumble. Sons of Kings was formed with Ville. The idea was to have two guys jam their way through the cosmos. Every rehearsal and every gig would stand out as an individual event that could and would only be recreated through recordings. As the thought progressed it was clear that the jams needed a studio environment.

In the studio the riffs became meatier and the melodies sweeter. It wasn’t only about tectonic plate moving volume, subtlety was added. During the first recording session the sound engineer added some guitars to few tracks. This eventually led to the addition of a guitarist, JP, for the debut album.

After completing the self-titled album the band played a few gigs around and in their hometown of Turku. The second bassist was introduced when J.P. had duties elsewhere and could not bring in the six string. Fortune favored the bold and the decision was made to have Juuso play lead bass for a one off gig. The set was a success at least in the bands collective opinion. Such a success, in fact, that Juuso became a member of the band shortly after.

What started as a two man band has grown over the years to a four-piece consisting of two basses, a guitar and drums. The heritage of the duo’s sound still remains, mountains move but with the addition of new musicians and a different mind set, you can also hear the wind. With the sophomore album the band continues to expand their sound and push the confines of their creativity even further.

Sons of Kings are Samu Montonen, Ville Virtanen, JP Saari and Juuso Jalava.

A brief description:

Emersion draws thick grey lines between borders of alternative music. Meditative psychedelia and spacey soundscapes are both present on this new album which continues the journey of Sons of Kings. The creation is served in two parts, and with even more low frequencies with additional bass player, which renders the original trio into a quartet. The ambitious plan behind Emersion is to connect the dots between soundtrack-like atmospheres, non-typical progressions, kraut-continuity, stoner-fuzz, and post rock mentality. The outcome is, at least, an alternative way to approach the music.


"After a long and somewhat stressful day at work, I wanted to put on something that I could chill out to and relax my mind. The new 2-song album "Emersion" by Finland's Son of Kings is aptly titled. The listener is  transported into a lush journey of sun-scorching desert psychedelia. The true beauty of this album lies within the building rhythms and sonic atmospheric landscapes. Each song is over 17 minutes long but never tires. Grab a good set of headphones and prepare yourself for an aural climax of mind-melding proportions


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