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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Into The Storm / Lion Splicer

Into The Storm: Captains 

Into The Storm... The East coast knows all too well what going into the storm is like. Curious and uncertain about what will or will not happen and in the worst case scenario picking up the pieces of the storms destruction. Into The Storm is a fitting name for this experimental hardcore metal quartet from Seattle, honestly the singular term storm sums up the music's direction extremely well. Playing in between the boundaries Into The Storm leap from over-powering noise into harmonious metal then ambient droning and back again. One thing is for sure, the sound is always, "Something in the range of heavy." Now if you're in the mood to see a beard grow uncontrollably and decimate all in its path, push play on on the video for K'nuckles below and then get over to bandcamp to get your own copy of Captains!


Brant Kay - Bass 
James Reeves - Drums 
Oliver Reeves - Vocals 
Matthew Jahn - Guitars


Lion Splicer: Holiday in Dystopia 

It's so very easy to judge a book by its cover. We all are guilty of it. At first glance Lion Splicer and their full length debut Holiday in Dystopia we find a hilarious name and typical 'wanna-be' 80's thrash artwork. Dig a little deeper and we discover its a couple brothers doing the DIY thing in NYC. Wow, this is going to be a joke... right? Wrong. Lion Splicer is an honest and creative force in the metal and rock world. Good thing they came to Heavy Planet. Basing their sound in thrash metal Lion Splicer also incorporate acoustic, blues, jazz, and progressive signatures throughout Holiday... The album is a good mix of instrumentals and lyric focused songs. The production has a fitting lo-fi early thrash vibe and some of the riffs would have a nineteen year old Dave Mustaine kicking holes in the Splice brother's amps and throwing beer cans thinkin' they stole some of his riffs... Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure I heard a kazoo in there somewhere. Download Holiday in Dystopia now at bandcamp. There is no excuse, its FREE!


Danny Splice - Drums // Swagger 
Max Splice - Guitars // Bass // Vocals

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