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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: BOTTLECAP


Bottlecap plays "juicy, in-your-face rock with a touch of ADHD." They do it hard, they do it funny, and they are chewing the stage floor like there's no freaking tomorrow.

Bottlecap was formed in Gothenburg in the fall of 2008 by The Three Musketeers: Johan Reiman, Gustav Pahlsson, and Marcus Nilsson. After two years filled with live shows and podium finishes in contests around the Gothenburg area, the band had found their genre and sharpened their live performances like deadly knives. It was time for the next step. During the fall of 2011,the single "Mind Box" was released and it was followed-up by a three-week tour of Sweden.

With a backpack full of new material, Bottlecap started working on their debut album in February 2012. After several months of hard (but satisfying) work, the self-titled album was released on vinyl and CD in the fall of 2012 by Muther Music.

With a hysterical amount of energy, Bottlecap delivers a ruthless live experience that leaves audiences kicking and screaming for more. Time and time again.


Whether you're 17 or 77, these Swedes are gonna make you feel old. Bottlecap burn clean and bluesy on Set Me On Fire and keep tight hold of your balls throughout the ten remaining tracks. This sound could've been recorded in a seedy campus kitchen as you knock over beer cans. The layered cat-call vocals perfectly complement the gruff lead, while the fuzzy, furry Zeppelin-esque Shake My Hand is pluck/plod dynamite. Balancing clean guitars with psych-fuzz chewiness, this is one jammy sleepover cruiser, breaking buzzing stoner madness with low basslines and trailer-park guitars. 

You'll find elements of smoky garage fuzz, but the puddle-sizzles capture the band at their juiciest. And Bottlecap have struck fucking gold with Wretches, likely the greatest third-gear stoner "whoo-woo" track laid to tape. Forget the ins and outs of songcraft and metal scapegoats, these Swedes have discovered a formula more enjoyable than any words any asshole could lay down as he tells you what's good and what's not. Hit the skins, hit that shit, and hit play. Bottlecap's youthful exuberance is here to crack you out of your straight life and get the knees jumpin'.

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