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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Câimbra -New Band To Burn One To

Heavy Planet presents...today's "New Band To Burn One To" Câimbra.


Câimbra is a Brazilian sludge metal band formed in São Paulo in 2009. In 2011, the quintet released the 5-track debut EP "É Tudo Uma Mentira", which had been recorded live in 2010 and entirely self-produced. The record’s track "Vem Pra Cima" also features special guest singer Renato "Macalé" Joseph, from the late 90's Brazilian grunge band Emicaeli.

Gustavo McNair . VOX
Alexandre Pereira . GUITAR
Piettro Torchio . GUITAR
Manoel Junqueira . BASS
Caio Casemiro da Rocha . DRUMS


"With ferocious intensity, Câimbra from São Paulo, Brazil blast their way through various states of dense and raucus hardcore sludge metal. Chug-Chug guitars, ear-damaging bass, growled vocals (in their native tongue) and a variety of rhythms from painfully slow to grindcore fuck-you-all will leave your ass firmly plastered up against the wall. But oddly enough, you'll keep coming back for more."

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  1. thanks for enjoying and sharing!
    check our facebook for news!

  2. We have just released a new EP.
    Check it out at caimbra.bandcamp.com


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