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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose" - Aspen / Hazzard's Cure

Aspen: Winds of Revenge

Portuguese trio Aspen introduced their EP 'Winds of Revenge' back in November 2011. Picking up the pieces of instrumental stoner doom duo, Cosmic Vishnu's Cristiano and Tiago invited Vítor Oliveira to cover the lows and play bass. The outcome is reminiscent of early Pelican (The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw), an environmental doom with a post-rock spin. I would suggest listening to the track 'Like Crows, They Drop'. The song is very well rounded and perfect introduction into instrumental ambient metal, if you are not already jammin' on it.


Cristiano Veloso - Drums
Tiago Pereira - Guitar
Vítor Oliveira - Bass

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Hazzard's Cure

Hazzard's Cure are revitalizing the Bay Area sound, by incorporating the significant 80's thrash into doom and stoner rock. The San Francisco scene has not heard something quite this ground-breaking in thirty years. The production quality is gritty (albeit well done), the thrash is fast paced and angry (just like we want thrash to be), and the lows are just down right sludgy. Add well placed blast beats and vocals that mix between hardcore shouts, blackened shrieks, and cleanly sung melodies and we have a blueprint for metal success. This may all seem like a confusing mash-up, but Hazzard's Cure, and their supreme orchestration have devised a truly cohesive battle plan. If that isn't enough to sale Hazzard's Cure, they have played with some of HP's favorites, Red Fang, Black Cobra, and Giant Squid. Be sure to give them a listen over at bandcamp, and while you're at it, order a cassette tape of the self-titled release!


Chris Corona - Guitar
Clint Baechle - Drums
Leo Buckley - Guitar
Shane Bergman - Bass

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  1. Portuguese metal, fuck yeah. Not too common. Really good stuff though, and epic cover.


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