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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Reptilians-New Band To Burn One To

Heavy Planet presents...today's "New Band To Burn One To" The Reptilians.


The Reptilians are:

Viktor “Bob” Wilt – Guitars/Vocals
Steve “Jesus” McMichael – Drums/Percussion
Joey “The Hulk” Labato – Guitars
Chet “305″ Lanes – Basses


“Our influences are all over the place. From The Beatles to Cephalic Carnage. From Eminem to Buddy Rich. From King Crimson to Yob. We make what we make. So when people ask for a label… applecore meatal it is. Yeah, I said MEAT-al.” Read more...



"Well now there are officially two things I love about Idaho, potatoes because they turn into delicious french fries at Five Guys and The Reptilians because they are to say the very least, interesting. With slick production, The Reptilians transcend the boundaries of progressive sludge metal and album concepts. Each member has the uncanny ability to make the listener's ears perk up. From the layered guitar riffing, raging drum ferocity, earth shaking bass lines and unique vocal delivery and storytelling, the band beckons you into a world where nothing is safe or sacred. Take heed to The Reptilians!"

The band is currently scheduled to release two more conceptual albums, one of which the band hopes to release late this year. Album One, eclectically heavy, dark and for the most part instrumental, will pay homage to The Dark Tower series by horror author Stephen King. Album Two, tentatively titled “Triple Jenkem Rainbow” , is inspired by revelations and experiences from the event referred to as “Operation Rescue Hulk”, the sleepless journey Wilt and McGarvey endured bringing Joey Labato back from Arizona. A beginner's guide to the Prophet Arby mythos, the album will unite past and future, cows roaming the nighty-nights, a party album for the ages.


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