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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Album Of The Day- Capricorns-"River, Bear Your Bones" (2008)

The Album Of The Day is "River, Bear Your Bones" by Capricorns.


There’s an appealing grittiness to Capricorns’ instrumental rumblings. Whereas contemporaries such as Pelican opt to look down on humanity from the heavens, Capricorns seem at home amid the urban sprawl, lurking in dimly lit bars and passed out in piss-soaked back alleys. The Londoners’ second album constitutes a logical progression from 05’s ‘Ruder Forms Survive’, offering much in the way of gargantuan riffs and thundering percussion, but also venturing further off the beaten track than before. Nine-minute opener ‘Broken Coffin Of The Venerable King’ gets things off to a storming start, veering from powerful riff-bludgeon to tranquil mid-section to thrashing finale, with eerie synth drones a welcome addition to an already formidable sonic arsenal. ‘A Savage Race By Shipwrecked Fed’ is another highlight; Keelhaul-like guitars spiralling like whirlpools, before dragging the listener down into the blackest depths of the ocean. With tempo variations and sharp dynamic shifts scattered throughout, these eight songs are noticeably looser and less straightforward than past offerings, but fortunately the band know exactly when to reign things in (the demo-quality ‘Drinking Water From The Skull Of A Hanged Man’ being the only exception). Exceeding all expectations, this record confirms Capricorns’ position as one of Britain’s finest bands. (Mike Kemp, Rock-Sound.net)

Track Listing:

01. Broken Coffin of the Venerable King
02. Seventh Child of a Seventh Child
03. Tempered with the Blood of Beasts
04. November Suicides
05. Owing to the Fogs (MP3)
06. The Bells Rang Backwards
07. A Savage Race by Shipwrecks Fed
08. Drinking Water from the Skull of a Hanged Man

Listen(These are only 30 second samples due to the fact that the album doesn't street until 11/25/2008)


1 comment:

  1. This is absolutely the best thing i ve heard in ages! Such musicianship,
    virtuosity and fuckin talent, hope there will be no3 album soon, i dont want this drug to wear out!


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