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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heavy Planet Changes

I have been throwing around a few ideas in my head and would like to hear what you guys think. First of all, I am a fan, just like you. I do this in my spare time which is before I go to work (yes I get up at 6:10 every morning to post)and when I come home from work and whenever I can on the weekends. I am a one man operation that is all about making sure that bands get heard and make money doing what they love. I put links to the Album Of The Day purely as a tool to promote the bands music, if you like the album please purchase it. Don't be a cheapskate. Yes, I would make a commision on the sale of the music, but I want to use that money to grow this community with different promotions and contests. So here are the changes and additions that I am thinking of:

1. Instead of an Album Of The Day, it would change to the Album Of The Week.
2. I would feature a "New Band To Burn One To" everyday. Get more bands out there for you guys to hear.
3. I would keep the MP3 Of The Day.
4. Contests
5. A Forum?

Let me know what you think about these ideas. I would love to hear from you. I am gonna take a few days off due to a very hectic schedule, but will return soon. Have no fear Heavy Planet is here to stay!

*If you are in a band and you want your band featured on Heavy Planet, please send me as much information as you can about your band. The only thing that I ask in return is either placement of a link to Heavy Planet on your MySpace or website or a simple thank you.

If you are interested in advertising on Heavy Planet, please e-mail me here.


~Reg \mm/


  1. Album of the week is fine with me since there is way too much music floating around.
    Otherwise keep up the good work.

  2. Album of the Week is cool with me. So would New Band To Burn One To on a weekly basis. You can only burn so much a day!

  3. I agree with the two Woodys. :)

    The problem with a forum is, that there are too many of them and this blog doesn't have much comments on it. A pity btw.

    Which userbase do you want to start with? Correct if i'm wrong, but we are approx. 10 guys who leave their comments every week.

    The pro on one is, that it's a good way to improve my written english ;)


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