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Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Lords Of The North

"From the arctic regions of the Northwest, come the Lords of the North with marching stories in song. Conjured souls, steam caves, swirling ice storms, love and loss, sunshine breaks, sonic assassin attacks. The Lords of the North bring sonic weapons and movement in hazy fuzz, powerful voices, and crushing delivery. Singer/bassist Pat Kearney (Automaton, Henry Hanks) successfully blends hard edged vocals with thoughtful melodies that stick in your skull for warmth and are both confrontational and satirical: "I see their heads will roll tightly into a smoke that will taste like from home." With the help of pounding skins from mighty Oarsmen Jim Roche, guitarist Tony Tharp (Black Fairies) holds the songs together with stony riffs, sludge, blues, and psychedelic glue. The Lords of the North continue on in the tradition of Blue Cheer, Sabbath, and Sleep; early blues based simplicity but thunderous low tuning with volume, intensity, and great hooks. Each song is a marching story, a moment in time with our exiled soldiers from the Northwest. The Lords are here."

Track Listing:

01. Souls Come Rising
02. Follow the Falcon
03. Beams of Light
04. Steam Caves
05. Loyal Legion
06. The March

For more information on the band check out the following links:

Official Website

Buy MP3 Album From Amazon.com For Only $5.94


  1. Thanks a shit ton for posting us on your site? This record is almost a year old now. We're currently working on the next full-length with all new songs. Set yourself up on one of our mailing lists to get our latest.

    The next record is going to be a lot heavier than these songs. If you're interested in getting a sneak preview of the newer songs, befriend us on myspace and buy some ear plugs. We'll post the new stuff when it's recorded (early 2009).

    Thanks again for posting us! This is Jim (drums) from the band.

  2. I absolutely love this album!

    Jim, if some how you end up reading this, you guys are amazing. You guys need to get your asses in East TN so I can see you guys play!

  3. Need to listen to this back home.



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