Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Band To Burn One To - Phase Order

“Three dudes who like fuzzed out riffs” . That’s the extent of the bio that we’ve got on these guys (except that they’re from Chicago), but what else do you really need to know about a band when their music is all that counts, and luckily for these guys, their sound is awesome drawn out fuzz riffs over a charging stoner stomp background, that’s as rough and ready as you’d want from a demo, and it’s everything you’d crave from the dark, damp corners of a seedy bar with the lights turned down low, and the gritty riffs downtuned even lower.

The trio (Mike- Bass, Tony – Drums & Vocals, Lev – Guitar) mix drawn out instrumentals (‘Offering’ & ‘Red Flux’) with punk rock stoner excellence (‘Goathouse’) to an impressive ability. Watch out for these guys in the future, and burn a fat one while you can!

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