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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Band To Burn One To: Pauwels

Every now and again we like to throw you up a bit of a curve ball with the bands we’re introducing you to. While still keeping to our core aesthetic of keeping everything HEAVY, a slight side step away from the stoner/doom/sludge bands can be a needed booster, and today we’re bringing you a beast which in all parts excites, scares, confuses, and dazzles in equal measures, rotating in order part way through most songs. Today’s New Band To Burn One To is Strasbourg’s (France) Noise/Post-Rock troupe Pauwels, bursting your eardrums and snapping your neck.

The French instrumentalists are Jeremy Ledda, Bob K, Sebastien Pablo Hermann, Marlon Saquet, and Jovan Veljkovic, and together they make one hell of a noise, frenetically switching from guitar shredding to blissed out technical elements, through counteracting time signatures, flowing along a sound which never lets you settle nor rest for long on your laurels, before it’s removing your face once more.

The band have just released their second EP, Elina, sounding like Cloudkicker if he was brought up on the Noise bands of Melvins and Helmet, while still holding a desire to stray into post-rock wastelands, bringing the youthful Math-rock attitude along to boot. The important thing that Pauwels achieve is never straying far from the realms of making actual songs, their basic sound is instrumental music with chorus and verse, just perhaps not necessarily in the accepted normality of what is perceived as a “song”; but who the hell wants to be normal anyway?

Pauwels are one of those bands that you just can’t predict, not where their sound will take you, not what will come after the next chord change, or for what label to tag them under. The band are an exciting addition to an often underappreciated genre. Trust us, you will want to keep an eye on Pauwels.


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