Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Band To Burn One To: PIST


"The name of this EP pretty much says it all. "Riffology" is a primal scream of savage metal mayhem overflowing with pummeling riffs, chugging guitars, angst-ridden vocals and an ultra ├╝ber groove. EP opener "Wither" has a soulful aggression that soaks up a sinful groove and spits it back into your face. With a nineties groove metal attitude, the door-slamming rage ensues on such killer tracks as "Dispose" and the EP's almighty anthem the aptly titled "Pist" which buzzes through your skull  with razor-like precision. Available to stream or "name your price" on upstart label When Planets Collide's Bandcamp page. Get PIST!"

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