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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zac's "Double Dose": Mind! / Tumbleweed Dealer

Mind! / Stunde Null 

Our first serving of this weeks 'Dose, called Mind!, come from the port city Algeciras in southern Spain. Mind! are a four-piece space rock band that offer an escape, as any port city should. Only this escape isn't taking listeners into the Mediterranean Sea or the depths of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Mind!'s escape glares deep into starry sky's of the boundless universe. I mean, where else would a space rock band focus their gaze? Utilizing multiple keyboards along side other electronic wiz-bangs Mind! add a complexity to otherwise beautifully simple song structures. The quartet have also exploited the signature characteristics from the psychedelic and hard rock genres of the sixties and seventies showing strong influences from the cosmic pioneers Pink Floyd. This influence comes through most evident in midst of Time to Fly, a ten minute galaxy sized track. Mind! introduce Time to Fly with a Santana-esque guitar lick over-lapping a chunky bass-line. This bob and weave technique of the guitar and bass lapses for four minutes, doing well to lure listeners into a trance. Just as the hypnotic numbing fully sets in Time to Fly breaks through the gravitational sphere employing an acoustic guitar back-drop allowing the electric lead to soar through the cosmic plane. Finally, in true Floyd-ian fashion Mind!employ a shared vocal delivery adding an urgency to their celestial journey. Check out Time to Fly and the rest of the release, Stunde Null, at bandcamp where Mind! have a limited edition 12" gatefold vinyl for sale.

Matt - Guitar // Vocals // Keyboard 
Pot - Guitar // Vocals // Keyboard // Sinte // Theremin 
Pow - Bass // Vocals 
Serg - Drums // Percussion


Tumbleweed Dealer: Tumbleweed Dealer 

The need for a desert rock inspired form of instrumental metal has emerged with the blistering heat of a Mojave Desert sunrise from none other than Montreal, Canada. I didn't see that one coming. This weeks second serving, Tumbleweed Dealer, roam and ramble the torrid realm of desert rock via instrumental Earth inspired drone and Pelican post rock attributes. Mr. Seb Painchaud, notoriously known for a death metal and metalcore sound, decided to experiment in the midst of a hazy bender one evening. The outcome couldn't be further from the roots Painchaud is most familiar with. Handling all of the guitar work himself, Painchaud called on Dopethrone's drummer Carl Borman to cover the percussion on his new brainchild. Adopting a western theme Tumbleweed Dealers form of post-rock structured songs are injected with a dose of desert and stoner rock making for an exciting journey through this self-titled, full length release. Implementing a thick and full guitar tone Seb's RIFF focused finger work induce an onset of vertigo that resembles the effects of staring at the desert sun on your back, high on peyote. The bass lines are impregnated with a southwestern twang that can only be a long lost cousin of King's Xs own Doug Pinnick while the clash of Borman's cymbals resonate like a lightning storm. Don't miss my favorite track, the slower side of Tumbleweed Dealer, March of The Dead Cowboys. Meandering with a doom-laden trudge March of The Dead Cowboys turns into a disturbing spaghetti western with the inception of with what sounds like some black metal picking on a mandolin. I imagine this as the background score for a scene out of a classic fifties black and white horror flick in what appears to be an Italian restaurant... serving the undead. Oh yeah, and they're drinking Birra Moretti! Check it out at bandcamp and let me know what you think.

Alex "All Ex Ghouls" Goulet - Artwork 
Carl Borman - Drums 
Felix Roberge - Musical Director // Live Bassist 
JB - Recording 
 Seb Painchaud - Guitars // Bass

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