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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: PURPLE SUNS



Hailing from Neptune, New Jersey, Purple Suns are a four piece rock outfit designed for making awesome music and playing great live shows. Their 2nd EP, Yours, is currently out on the airwaves.

Purple Suns is:

Jay Hernandez
Tanmay Buch
Jon Troncone
Andrew Gallagher


"So far in 2013, New Jersey natives Purple Suns have released two killer EPs both on very different ends of the spectrum. The first release "Mines" is full of straight up grunge-fed heavy rock, while "Yours" is a little bit more edgy and experimental. It would have been really interesting to have seen how these two EPs would have been put together as a full-length, but I don't believe that was the band's intention and I am not sure how cohesive it would have been because both are equally good in their own right. Both EPs ooze with intensity, groove and passion, although for my tastes I kind of prefer the first release a little more. It is more riff-based and is the more "stoner" of the two. Don't get me wrong, "Mines" has it's shining moments too, such as the bad ass brawny stomp of "Villian" and the darker and more progressive track "Termites".  The high pitch snarl is sometimes reminiscent of early Ozzy and soars above the music. Give these guys a listen. Both EPs are available for a "name your price" on Bandcamp." I look forward to what this band has up their sleeve. Maybe another release in 2013? We shall see.

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