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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heavy Planet Radio Now On MixCloud

Stoner Rock/Doom/Psychedelic/Sludge

Heavy Planet Radio has been on Facebook for a little over a year now gaining over 1000 "likes" along the way, primarily posting tunes by way of Bandcamp and YouTube links. While not your typical "radio" station we, or shall I say our main "DJ" Stump spins the tunes basically playing anything that he feels like playing. Heavy Planet Radio is a great way for fans to hear new music and for bands to get their music heard. We get a shit ton of music sent into the Heavy Planet office on a weekly basis and feel bad that we are not able to feature many of the bands on our main site. Therefore I have decided to launch a Heavy Planet Radio station on MixCloud. Through MixCloud we will feature New Music playlists, staff writer playlists, the possibilities are endless. The MixCloud app is also available for iPhone and Android so you can listen to Heavy Planet Radio anywhere you go. People always complain that radio sucks and while not your typical "radio" station, we hope that you will tune in and listen. 

If you would like to submit a song, please send the track in MP3 format to heavyplanet2001@yahoo.com with the subject line "Heavy Planet Radio". 

To start things off, I have created a playlist of 25 new bands for you to check out. Over the coarse of the next few weeks we will be adding playlists of some of the staff from Heavy Planet to give you a taste of what we all listen to.

We thank you for listening, now go crank that mutha up!

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