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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Band To Burn One To: DOCTOR DOOM



DoctoR DooM is a Rock band, based in Ariège (Midi-Pyrénées, France), formed in 2011.

From a Metal background, the guitarists came together through a shared interest in 60s and 70s music, in particular some of the legendary Rock bands. Soon they were joined by a rhythm section, and put together a set comprised of covers and originals, going between Blues and Hard Rock.

After a series of gigs in 2012, DoctoR DooM finished their 1st EP, « the DoomO », featuring the first 3 originals by the band, available in full for streaming and free download on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Greatly inspired by the recent wave of Scandinavian Stoner/Rock bands (Graveyard, Witchcraft, Spiders, Asteroid …) and the foundational bands of this genre (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Coven …), DoctoR DooM’s music is firmly rooted in Rock culture, combining a vintage sound and heavy riffs while using song structures more typical of Progessive Rock.


"Here at Heavy Planet we take a lot of pride in introducing new bands to the throngs of people that make up the Stoner/Doom community. A community that goes without saying simply knows what the rest of the world is missing out on. The band that we introduce to you today is one that we think you will enjoy immensely. The band I am referring to is doomy blues rockers DoctoR DooM. With a devilish affection, the band conjures up a foggy brew of wicked blues and righteous stoner rock on their latest 3-song EP "DoomO".  First track "The Sun" starts out with a sizable fuzzy doom riff which then transcends into a vintage upbeat hard rocking blues rhythm. The roots-rock continues with the frolicking organ-infused epic "Relax You're Dead". This track is absolutely killer! The EP unfortunately comes to an end with "Stuck in the Past" a song with a driving beat and terrific soloing. DoctoR Doom cleverly unite a wide range of influences, creating a sound that sounds both vibrant and refreshing."

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  1. Have you listen their 1st LP : This Seed We Have Sown . ?


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