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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose": Broxa / Silent Chief

Broxa: Meconium 

According to ancient folklore the Broxa would appear in the night to feast on the milk of slumbering goats. Accept this as an invitation to take a trip on this psychedelic goat's milk. Broxa formed in Seattle in 2010 and with a years time recorded their first demo. Producing a sound that I consider authentic 70's lo-fi, Rachel [Henthorn]'s vocal work will have listeners delusional and hypnotized, while her guitar loops with a fuzzy whine. The trio has played with played with the likes of Bell Witch, Indian, and Owl (all of which have been covered here at Heavy Planet). Check out Trial of Thrids from their full-length release Meconium below.


Jaime Gore - Bass 
Jon Mullet - Drums 
Rachel Henthorn - Guitars / Vocals

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Silent Chief: Challenge of the Gods 

Having your priorities straight is critical to achieve success and if you're a stoner or doom band your number one priority is 'THE RIFF', it always has been and always will be. Well, former members of Iron of Odra and Mountain Maker certainly had their priorities straight when they decided to join forces and create a new sound praising the divine RIFF. The trio formed in 2010 and refocused their love for down-tuned and distorted blues. Silent Chief's riffs are backed up by a mountainous onslaught of percussion, bass, and Vik's odious (and I mean that in the most flattering way) yet triumphant vocals. Check out their latest single Challenge of the Gods at bandcamp.

Jonah - Drums 
Rick - Bass 
Vic - Guitars / Vocals

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  1. Talk about discovering a diamond in the rough! I had the opportunity to see Broxa live on their last tour. It was on a Monday (05/07/2012)in a little Irish pub with about 10 people in attendance. The end results of said performance was a "Stoner Fuzzahilic's" wet dream. Also, they have the sexiest Bass player I've ever seen.


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