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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose" - Bell Witch / Woodsman

Bell Witch: Demo 2011

We, to this day, have not covered funeral doom here on the Double Dose. Though not my normal cup of tea, in the proper mood and dosage this sedate annihilation of the eardrums is welcome. So, I present to you Bell Witch and their demo released this past October. On a side note, this is an excellent sound track for the celebration of All Hallow's Eve, and the release date was perfectly timed.

Bell Witch are a drum and bass duo from the Pacific Northwest. Dylan Desmond, of Lethe and Samothrace, cover bass duties while Adrian Guerra, also of Lethe and Sod Hauler, cover drums. Both contribute to the vocals which range from melodic singing to vicious shrieks. Regurgitating their influences of "suffering, pain, death..." the two have composed a trance inducing and ghostly resonance as any good doom metal should. Clear your schedule for the next forty minutes, because Bell Witch are here to doom you right back to the dark ages.


Dylan Desmond - Bass / Vocals
Adrian Guerra - Drums / Vocals

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Woodsmen: Mystic Places EP

Our second shot of the Dose this week couldn't be farther from Bell Witch. Chalk this one up to the Psyche category because it doesn't get much more psychedelic than Woodsman and their latest release Mystic Places EP. The tone of the EP begins quite intense, like a train rolling into a tunnel that quickly becomes light and airy with an in utero, ambient background. The vocals, when they are present, are overcast by the beautifully textured guitars. The songs remain peaceful, perfect for zoning out for the thirty minute run time. Mystic Places peaks with its finale Tone Cloak and seems to fade away as quick as it begun. The EP is streaming at bandcamp, along with many other of Woodsman's releases.


Dylan -
Eston -
Mark -
Trevor -

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