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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zac's "Double Dose" - The Atlas Moth / Donkey Bunch

The Atlas Moth: An Ache For The Distance

If you are unaware of who 'The Atlas Moth' are yet, today is your lucky day. Heavy Planet introduced The Atlas Moth back in 2008 as your NBTBOT on September 9th. Chicago, Illinois' The Atlas Moth left us awe struck with their brilliant approach to, what we'll call, atmospheric sludge [on a side note, Chicago has delivered some excellent, metal... Nachtmystium, Pelican, but I digress]. Here on An Ache For The Distance we find the same raw and gritty sludge melded with enlightening and psychedelic ambience, only more polished... crisper. The band's chemistry is fluid and seems to merge gracefully... yeah I described metal as graceful... It really is that good. You can stream the entire album An Ache For The Distance at their bandcamp, as well as their last, impressive, effort A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky and a phenomenal cover of Pink Floyd's Fearless.

**Expect to see An Ache For The Distance on my Top 10**


Andrew - Synth / Guitar
Anthony - Drums
Alex - Bass
Dave - Guitar / Vocals
Stavros - Guitars / Vocals

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Donkey Bunch: Your Leg EP

Fresh funk-a-delic Finn's!!... Donkey Bunch is a Finnish trio generating pure psychedelic rock. The lyrics are Finnish, and heavily distorted, while the jams pumped through are thick and funky. If you're looking for fat grooves from Finland, look no further... Donkey Bunch is offering Your Leg EP for free at bandcamp.


Eero Kaappa - Bass (Basso)
Jouni Järvenpää - Drums (Rummut)
Juha Hakasuo - Vocals / Guitar (Laulu / Kitara)

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