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Monday, October 17, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: CLUBBER LANG

Portland Maine's CLUBBER LANG describe their sound as PAIN. I really don't have to say much else. Check 'em out!


"Clubber Lang is based in Portland Maine. Joey Nash (former guitarist for Gridlock) and Sean Slaughter (former lead singer Supersoul Challenger) formed Clubber Lang in spring of '08. They wrote and recorded songs and recruited Stefen Samuels and Jason Marshall(former drummer&bassist Eldemur Krimm)
Clubber Lang's music is pulsating, adrenaline-fueled, dynamic, melodic, hard charging rock featuring soaring vocals and scorching guitar flying over thunderous, technical and groovy drums bass and rhythms. The songs are catchy and full of unexpected twists and turns.
Their live performances are much like their new album, very high energy pandemonium. Like the bands they are influenced by, who seemingly always delivered, they want to be the band that they would want to go see.
Clubber Lang’s debut CD “You Will Never Be Defeated” is musically akin to classic acts like Black Sabbath,Queen and even Motorhead to contemporary groups such as Janes Addiction and NIN mixed with the production sensibilities of Pink Floyd. The creation of this record is very reminiscent of Pink Floyds approach, not so much in the music, but more in the album substance and continuity.
When Clubber Lang started writing You Will Never Be Defeated, they decided that they didn’t want just an album of ten singles. These four freaks of nature wanted to create some of sort of strange trip- an entire experience that is meant to be taken in as a whole. It’s one long God forsaken harrowing ride. The album is seamless, it never rests. The songs are the skeleton and the segues are the flesh that tie the parts all together to bring the body to life, like Frankenstein’s Monster."

Joey Nash - Guitar
Stefen Samuels - Drums
Jason Marshall - Bass
Sean Slaughter - Vocals

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